What legal documents do I need to form a LLC in Missouri?

A Missouri limited liability company (LLC) is created by filing Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State of Missouri.

The Articles of Organization must include:

  • LLC's name and address
  • Name and address of the LLC’s registered agent
  • Whether the LLC will be member-managed or manager-managed
  • LLC's duration, if not perpetual

Every Missouri LLC must have a registered agent for service of process in the state. This is the person or business entity that agrees to accept legal papers on the LLC’s behalf if it is sued. The registered agent must have a physical street address in Missouri.

LLC Operating Agreement

In addition to filing the Articles of Organization, your business should also create a written LLC "Operating Agreement." The Operating Agreement does not need to be filed with Missouri Secretary of State's Office. However, the Operating Agreement is an important document because it explains the LLC members' rights and responsibilities, their percentage interests in the business, and their share of the profits.