Asset Protection for the Business Owner

The business owner has at least two areas of exposure to liability, the first being the products or services provided by the business may itself cause liability or the employee delivering those products may cause liability (e.g., the employee while driving a business vehicle hits a school bus full of kids). Please see our report 10 Questions You Should Ask About Asset Protection in Missouri in which we discuss this very occurrence happening.

The second area of exposure is the business owner’s personal liability, which could result in the loss of the business. For example, the business owner could be sued personally for discrimination against an employee or harassment of an employee...or perhaps the business owner was driving the vehicle that hit the school bus. We know how to protect the business owner and the business from both of those areas.

If you are a business owner whose net worth is mainly comprised of your business, give us a call at 314-966-7766 to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can protect your business and you.