Estate Planning for Married Couples

Regardless of how long you have been married (six months or fifty years), all married couples must have an estate plan, especially if you have children together, children from a prior marriage, or an estate plan from when you were single.

Married couples mistakenly believe that they can make personal, healthcare, and financial decisions for one another should one of them become legally incapacitated (even on a temporary basis) due to an illness or injury.  THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

Without advance directives for healthcare decisions and a durable power of attorney for financial matters, the disabled spouse will be subject to the probate court process at a great expense – not to mention the length of time it takes to have a legal guardian and conservator appointed by the probate court.  Wouldn’t you want to avoid the time and expense of the probate court process and be able to act immediately for your disabled spouse?  Of course, you would. But without advance planning and properly drawn documents, you will go through the probate court process.

Even if neither spouse ever becomes legally disabled, it is a certainty that both spouses will pass away. Without a properly drawn estate plan, the State of Missouri will make an estate plan for each spouse which is unlikely to be the estate plan you would have made if you had only taken the time.

It should be the goal of every married couple to take the steps necessary to ensure that the love and well-being they have and want for their family is protected.  Let us show you how a properly drawn estate plan will protect everyone you love by calling us at (314) 966-7766.