Remarkably Helpful in my High Risk / High Liability Medical Field to Minimize Financial Exposure and Maximize my Peace of Mind

I have used The Kaiser Law Firm since 1991 and continuously since.  Phil created an asset protection plan which was remarkably helpful in my high risk / high liability medical field to minimize financial exposure and maximize my peace of mind.  I was so satisfied, that I have referred various family members, to include my mother, my brother, and my father, all of which have complex and unique needs. The entities include numerous individual Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts for each of my children, my wife, and myself, domestic Family Limited Partnerships, Foreign & Domestic Family Trusts, Family Management Companies, and Wills.  He structured Two Family Limited Partnerships and a Family Management Company for my mother's assets / investments. Phil drafted my brother's Family Trust Agreement, Professional Business Company, and his will, which has also greatly assisted in his "peace of mind" as he is also a high risk / high liability medical specialist, too. He has assisted in the creation of my father's Charitable Lead Annuity Trust and his Partnership. Most recently, Andy Kaiser created an IRA Inherited Trust for me personally and individually for my father, as well. As Missouri Qualified Spousal Trusts have been permitted, Phil and I have modified my wife's & my inheritance plan utilizing it, too.

Different people have different personal & financial objectives, mine included personal asset protection, guaranteed asset protection for my children, my wife, my brother, my mother, my father, and relatives. I desire inherited assets for my heirs to be asset protected for them and their progeny, too. A well created asset protection plan assures monies inheriting as you direct, and avoids the need for prenuptial agreements for your heirs, minimizes both federal and state tax and inheritance tax liabilities, and makes a smooth transition of assets in a tax friendly inheritable manor, minimizing additional stress at death events and transitions of inheritable assets. Life and the medical professions are, indeed, far more legally complicated than one might, at first, appreciate, with persons who will sue, many times with little or no legitimate provocation, as well as with changing tax and inheritance laws. My planning with both Andy and Phil have granted me "peace of mind", among a tumultuous sea of claimants personally, as well as giving my brother, another high-risk field physician different from me, his peace of mind with suits and through his divorce, too. Their counsel and advice is goal directed and customized for your individual needs. My personal and business association with this firm is the best business and tax planning decision that I have ever made.

Furthermore, my individual personal association with both Phil and Andy rates highly and only just short of my choice of wife to marry. The staff is personable, efficient, intuitive, and very helpful, as well. I recommend that you plan for the unexpected and can, with no hesitation, recommend that you use this firm.

 Dr. Art D., Louisville, KY